Meghan Markle, political commitment and the importance of voting

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Many say he has plans an entry into politics. Some even think that they dream of becoming president of the United States. To date, much more simply, Meghan Markle pushes people to make people feel your own voice. A form of activism, very important on a social level, especially in conjunction with electoral rounds, that is when citizens have to make a choice from which their future will depend.

How the American midtermswho in the middle of the presidential term renew part of the Congress: «It is the day of electionsit’s time to go out and go to vote», Reads the website of the Archewell Foundation, where Meghan posted a photo of her in which she proudly displays the sticker I voted. The Duchess also recalled some useful tipsincluding the messaging service that helps find the location of the nearest seat.


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“Check it out place and time. Make sure you have the identity necessary. Find out what’s in yours voting paper. Bring a snack, comfortable shoes, and a book or other activity with you in case the lines are long. If you are in line at the close of the polls, you are legally authorized to vote. If someone intimidates you or tries to suppress your voting rights, he or she calls the number for the defense of the voters“.

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Among other things, already in 2020 Meghan had discussed theimportance of the vote in a virtual conference with When We All Vote, non-partisan organization non-profit that aims to increase the electoral participationlaunched – among others – by Michelle Obama. “Voting is important to honor those who preceded us and protect those who will come,” said the duchess on the occasion. “This is the spirit of community“.

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