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Meloni: I will not reorganize after the European elections

The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in a public debate organized in Milan by the newspaper La Verità, said that “I am not going to proceed with a restructuring after the European elections, it is one of the non-existent scenarios that I often read”. “One of the goals I have set is to complete the five years of government, without changing the composition of the ministerial team. It would be a real record,” added the Italian prime minister. Responding to a related question, he emphasized that “in the past he was accused of being an enemy of vaccines, because during the coronavirus pandemic he had asked for more evidence regarding the necessity of vaccinating young children.” She added that “her daughter, Ginevra, was five years old and was not vaccinated against the coronavirus, but she has had all the other vaccines.” In relation to the composition of the next European Commission, Meloni underlined: “I would like us to manage to secure, as a country, one of the most important portfolios. Either the one for the economy – but not weakened, as happened last time – or the one that […]
Source: News Beast

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