The popular memecoin Floki rose to record levels after DWF Labs announced its support for the project and the purchase of FLOKI tokens worth $12 million.

In their Account X, representatives from investment firm DWF Labs said that the Floki ecosystem continues to develop rapidly and has “staken out” a place for itself in the digital asset sector.

“We are pleased to announce our continued support for Floki. We’re excited to see several launches from the project team this year: Valhalla mainnet, metaverse games, and key utility projects. “We thank the Floki team for their work in promoting cryptocurrencies and their widespread adoption, and congratulations on strengthening their role as a leading player in the cryptocurrency space,” wrote representatives of DWF Labs.

It should be noted that in February, the investment company invested $10 million in FLOKI tokens, and is now ready to purchase another $12 million in assets. At the same time, the capitalization of memcoin reached $3 billion after the FLOKI rate rose to a record level of $0.00034.

At the beginning of the year, the Floki team stopped serving Hong Kong clients due to the regulatory environment.