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Menopause affects different aspects of a woman’s life, experts say

Women’s health care should begin in childhood. According to the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations (Febrasgo), the ideal is that the first consultation with a gynecologist should be made around the age of 10 and medical monitoring should be carried out throughout life and, mainly, during the menopause . Even at this stage, care must be multidisciplinary, as the condition affects several aspects of the woman’s life.

The subject is the subject of “CNN Vital Signs – Dr. Kalil Interview ” this Saturday (15), in which Dr. Roberto Kalil welcomes gynecologist Leila de Oliveira Corrêa and endocrinologist Cláudia Kalil. In the program, experts debate the main care necessary for women’s quality of life during climacteric and menopause.

“Menopause is not a point, it is a comma in a woman’s life”, says Cláudia. She defends the importance of talking about this long before menopause itself, from the appearance of the first symptoms.

“Menopause has an average age of around 51 years, but it can happen at any time from the age of 40 onwards. Her sleep becomes worse quality, she has great emotional lability, she starts to gain weight with the same diet and the same physical activity, she feels a decrease in sexual desire”, she explains.

Precisely because it affects different aspects of a woman’s life, menopause requires a broader and multidisciplinary approach, that is, from professionals from different areas of health. “We first have to change this woman’s lifestyle and, sometimes, we have to use medication,” says Corrêa.

In the program, experts cite an American study that followed a group of women over the years to collect data from the pre-menopause period until after.

“Those women who managed to control their weight, maintain physical activity and become more intellectually active are able to continue leading a quality life. Because you imagine that, if menopause happens around the age of 50, you still have 40% more lifespan. And this woman has to be ready for the next few years”, comments Cláudia.

Menopause treatment must be personalized

In addition to a multidisciplinary approach, menopause treatment must be personalized and specific to each woman’s needs. “In some cases it is important to replace testosterone, for example, not only for sexual desire, but also for muscle mass, to maintain bone mass”, explains Cláudia.

However, hormone replacement is not always necessary. “A woman will not necessarily need the hormone to feel good. During the climacteric period, 80% of women have symptoms, 20% do not”, adds Corrêa.

“We, women, always have to take care of ourselves, but from the age of 40, the care will be a little greater, but we will live well, if we take good care of ourselves”, she concludes.

“CNN Sinais Vitais – Dr. Kalil Interview” will air on Saturday, June 15, at 7:30 pm, on CNN Brasil.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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