Mercedes-AMG model range will be reduced in the future

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Mercedes-AMG, a division of German automaker Daimler AG, which specializes in tuning and development of powerful sports cars, plans to revise the lineup and reduce the number of cars produced. The new head of AMG, Philipp Schiemer, told the media about this during the Munich Motor Show.

The newly minted Mercedes-AMG executive admitted that his predecessor, Tobias Moers, who now serves as CEO of Aston Martin, was able to transform Mercedes-AMG into a company that has found phenomenal success in the high-performance production car market. And Schiemer now wants his company to reduce the number of models on offer. Fortunately, all of Mercedes-AMG’s top-of-the-line lines will remain in place, with the lineup downsizing likely to affect only a few entry-level vehicles.

The reason for this decision lies in the fact that AMG is currently working on creating a special platform for electric vehicles. The company invests a lot of finance and resources in its development, hence the desire to reduce the cost of developing and producing existing car models. The new platform will allow AMG engineers to integrate more sophisticated technologies into new cars and significantly increase their aerodynamics. At the same time, the future models of the brand, built on the new platform, from a technical point of view, will have little in common with the models of Mercedes-Benz.

In addition, the new head of Mercedes-AMG is pushing for closer cooperation between his company and Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in the UK, where Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 engines are built. Schiemer says he wants to bring the logic and philosophy of Formula 1 to cars. cars of the brand.

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