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Messina Denaro, a patient of the clinic: “She was having chemo with me, she had given the number to my friends”

In the aftermath of the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, a fugitive for thirty years, who knew him in the “La Maddalena” private clinic in Palermo, where he was being treated (with a diagnosis of liver metastases), with the false name by Andrea Bonafede, he can’t believe that that meek-looking man was really the mafia boss and godfather of Castelvetrano.

“He did chemo with me every Monday,” says a woman in a testimony that will be broadcast today on Tv2000. “We were even in the same room, he was a kind person, very kind». Messina Denaro / Bonafede had also socialized with the other patients: «There are also friends of mine who have her telephone number. He has been exchanging messages with a friend of mine until this morning: He asked her if she was on chemo today. She is now in shock at home. He was called Andrea. We had therapy together all summer.”

A nurse at the cynics remembers him as “a patient of few words, always dressed elegantly and with very kind manners”.

The boss’s lair

Last night the carabinieri del Ros and the Palermo prosecutor’s office, in a blitz in which the deputy prosecutor of Palermo Paolo Guido also took part, identified the hideout of the boss: it is located in the center of Campobello di Mazzara, in the province of Trapani. IS in an anonymous yellow building two floors, and it is there that the boss Messina Denaro would stay for a long time. It is not yet known what the Ros soldiers found there.

Investigations and arrest

Messina Denaro ended up in handcuffs yesterday at 8.20, as the chemotherapy session was about to begin. When he realized he had been tracked down, he started to move away, but dozens of men from Ros, armed and with their faces covered, had surrounded the nursing home.

The patients were kept out of the facility for hours, and only later realized what had happened. Was a traditional survey the one that led to the capture of the boss. There were no repentants, nor anonymous reports.

Was “sieved” the ground around the boss, which was also helped by a slice of the bourgeoisie”, as explained by the prosecutor De Lucia. Talking to each other, despite knowing they were being intercepted, the family members mentioned Messina Denaro’s illnesses: the investigators, investigating the data of the Ministry of Health platform which stores information on cancer patients, managed to draw up a list of suspected patients.

The name Andrea Bonafede is that of a relative of an ancient abettor of the boss. According to the database, a year ago he would have undergone liver surgery at La Maddalena. But on the day he was to be operated on, the magistrates discovered, Bonafede was at his home in Campobello di Mazara. Since then, suspicions that the boss was using another identity. Until the blitz, which he ascertained the truth.

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