Mexican genius girl asks Guillermo del Toro for support to go to NASA

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Adhara Pérez Sánchez lives in Mexico, she is 11 years old and she is a true genius, as she has an IQ of 162. At her young age she studies two degrees, Industrial Engineering in Mathematics and Systems Engineering.

Due to her great learning ability and her gigantic desire to continue studying, the University of Alabama invited her to visit NASA facilities and she was accepted to be part of the International Air and Space Program (ISAP) 2021. Unfortunately, she does not have the money needed to attend the program.

Know that giving up is not an option

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Adhara Pérez showing a painting where she is an astronaut

Despite the fact that Adhara’s parents have done their best to give her an excellent education, they are unable to cover the costs of their daughter’s attendance at the program. For this reason, after receiving her acceptance letter from ISAP, the little girl decided to share it on her Instagram account, with a request to the filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, who has been known for supporting Mexican talent.

Mr. Guillermo del Toro @realgdt, I am Adhara Maite, I study two engineering studies at the CNCI school and I was invited to Alabama, representing Mexico. I dream of being an astronaut.

-Petition of Adhara.

He hopes to fulfill his dream

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Adhara Pérez showing a drawing of her and the planets

So far del Toro has not given an answer, but it is believed that he will undoubtedly help her, as we remember that in 2019, the film director paid for the plane tickets for the Mexican math team to represent the country in the International South Africa Mathematics Competition.

Continue like this, Adhara, you will go very far.

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