Mexico mine conditions prevent crews from entering to rescue miners

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Conditions at the mine in northern Mexico, where 10 miners are trapped, were not suitable for search and rescue teams to enter on Monday (8), Laura Velazquez, Mexico’s national coordinator for Civil Protection, told a news conference. press this Tuesday (9).

Regarding the drone dive carried out to assess the conditions, Velázquez said: “In the process of preparing for the team to enter well number four, piles of wood were found, due to which the immersion of the team members could not be carried out.”

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“So it was decided to try it out in pit number three, where a video recording was taken of the surface. Contact was made with the water and it was determined that the conditions were not suitable for the entry of search and rescue teams,” he added.

Velasquez explained that they found too many obstructions in pit number three, so the team couldn’t enter the mine.

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“Today we will continue pumping each of the wells.”

Civil Protection reported that there are 10.4 meters of water left to pump from well number one; 11.3 meters in well number two; 27.3 meters in the relief pit, and 16.4 meters in pit number three, before the water is at levels that allow rescuers to enter to safely rescue miners.

“Today we will be focused on lowering those water levels with the idea that we can submerge the drone again and, obviously, that rescuers can come in to clean, remove all obstacles and come down as quickly as possible to rescue the miners,” said Velásquez. in a video call during the presidential press conference.

Government agencies said they had sent 603 people to the scene to help with rescue efforts.

“We can already think that tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, the water depth will be five feet, and divers and rescuers will be able to get in,” said Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, speaking on Tuesday at his usual daily briefing. . This came two days after he visited the site of the ongoing rescue operation.

Velasquez said crews had worked for 134 continuous hours since the 10 miners were trapped in a flooded coal mine in Mexico’s northern state of Coahuila.

The ten miners have been trapped since last week at the Sabinas mine, located in the northern state of Coahuila. Authorities managed to rescue five people.

The incident was recorded in Villa de Agujita, about 300 kilometers north of the state capital, Saltillo, and about 120 kilometers from the US border. Sabinas is part of the so-called Coal Region of the area due to its coal mines.

Source: CNN Brasil

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