Mexico: Ruins of Mayan city discovered

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The ruins of a Mayan city were discovered by archaeologists in Mexicowith palaces, pyramids and squares located on a construction site, where an industrial park is to be created, near Merida, on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The site, called Seol, has features of an architecture of Mayan which – according to archaeologists – is common in the southern part of the Yucatan Peninsula but is rarely close to Merida.

“We believe that more than 4,000 people lived around here”said Carlos Peratha, one of the archaeologists who led the expedition that discovered the ancient city, which is estimated to have been inhabited in the period 600-900 AD.

“There were people from different social classes… Priests and secretaries who lived in these imposing palaces, but also ordinary people who lived in small houses”said Peratha.

Investigators They also located landfills for adults and children a short distance awayin which they found obsidian and flint tools, offers and personal items.

The remains of marine life discovered in the area suggest that the inhabitants were fishing on the nearby shore.

Seol was discovered after the construction of the industrial park began. It will continue to be built, but the archeological finds will be preserved, according to the owners.

“Over time, urban sprawl (in the area) has grown and many ancient sites have been destroyed; but even we, as archaeologists, did not expect to find such a well-preserved site.”said Carlos Peratha.


Source: News Beast

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