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Mexico: The Cursed September 19th – Two More Earthquakes Kill Thousands – Watch the Videos

The 7.6 Richter earthquake that hit the coast of the central Pacific caused terror in the residents of Mexico, killing at least one person so far. The earthquake had an epicenter 37 kilometers southeast of Aquila and a depth of 15.1 kilometers. After the earthquake there was a tsunami warning in New Caledonia.

The 7.6 Richter caused damage to buildings, the power went out and most of the residents ran out of their houses in fear to save themselves. One person was killed in the port of Manzanillo when the roof of a department store collapsed on him, the government said. Authorities also reported damage to several hospitals in the western state of Michoacan near the epicenter, and one person was injured by falling glass at one of the hospitals, the government said.

That’s him the third major earthquake to hit Mexico on the same date, on September 19, calling this day cursed. The first was a magnitude 8 in 1985 and killed around 5,000 people. The second was 7.1 Richter, it happened in 2017 and left behind 350 dead.

“It is this date, something is happening with the 19th, it is a day we fear,” said a businessman according to Reuters. “She is cursed,” says a 34-year-old woman.

Watch the videos:

Source: News Beast

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