Miami Air Quality Assessment Will Run On Algorand Blockchain

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Miami authorities will install a network of sensors to assess the city’s air quality. Sensors and a system based on the Algorand blockchain are being developed by the French company PlanetWatch.

As Miami Mayor Francis Suarez emphasized at the DeCipher conference, the system will determine the level of air pollution and think about measures to solve this problem. The residents of Miami will also be able to install sensors on their own. They will be rewarded with Planet Tokens, which can be exchanged for fiat money or pay for PlanetWatch products and services.

“The data generated by this project will play a key role in our adaptation to climate change, as well as help in our quest to transform Miami into a global hub for the digital economy,” said Suarez.

PlanetWatch has developed five types of sensors. Each sensor will determine the level of air pollution. When networked, this will identify the most polluted areas. All data will be recorded on the Algorand blockchain.

The Mayor of Miami can be called a cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain advocate. He even said that he was ready to receive his entire salary in bitcoins.

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