Coronavirus – China: Throttles Up Development of Vaccines Targeting Omicron Mutation

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Accelerates research h China and development vaccines against coronavirus targeting the Omicron mutation, as stated today, Thursday (2/12) health service official, amid concerns among scientists around the world that it may spread faster than other executives. To date, no case of the new variant has been identified in mainland China.

“We are rapidly advancing the research and development of vaccines specifically for Micron based on different technologies,” he told the state-run CCTV network. Zheng Jongwei, who heads the team tasked with developing the COVID-19 vaccine in China. Possible vaccines against Omicron may not be used in the end, but it was necessary for China to proceed with this kind of preparation, Zheng said.

There is not yet strong evidence as to whether Omicron escapes vaccine immunity but most vaccines available are expected to help reduce serious illness and death, he added.

The Chinese vaccine company Sinovac Biotech announced that it was considering whether its vaccines were effective against Omicron or whether it needed to develop new drugs. China has not yet approved vaccines against COVID-19 developed abroad and uses several home-made preparations for its population’s immunization program.

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