Michele Merlo of “Amici” hospitalized for a cerebral hemorrhage: “He is in resuscitation”


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The fragmentary and inaccurate news began to spread on social media in the late evening of June 4th. From the last Stories in which Michele Merlo, better known as Mike Bird, competitor of the sixteenth edition of Friends, he explained to followers that he had a terrible headache, things fell apart within a few hours, crowding the social networks with messages and prayers. In a statement published by Adnkronos and signed by the consultants of the Merlo family, we read that Michele is “Hospitalized in serious condition in the intensive care unit of the Maggiore hospital in Bologna, where he underwent emergency surgery in the night between last Thursday and Friday following a cerebral hemorrhage triggered by a fulminant leukemia sudden “.

Immediate reaction from fans who crowded social networks like Twitter and Instagram with messages of solidarity, hoping that Merlo can recover as soon as possible. Among them too Federico Rossi, the Faith of the duo Benji and Fede, (“Force free soul”); Aka7even, competitor of the latest edition of Friends («Daje brodi»), and the manager Francesco Facchinetti (“Come on Michele”). Michele Merlo is 28 years old, is originally from Marostica, in the province of Vicenza, and he began to be passionate about music since adolescence, learning to play the guitar and starting to write his own songs growing up with the myth of the Kings of Leon, the Arctic Monkeys and Jenff Buckey.

After trying to audition to participate in the tenth edition of X Factor, Merlo achieves success in 2017 thanks to Friends, to which he introduces himself with the stage name of Mike Bird. In that edition, won by the dancer Andreas Muller, Michele begins to get noticed not only for his singing skills, but also for continued bickering with his coach Morgan – who left the show that year before it ended – and because of her romance with Shady, another student on the show with whom she had a relationship that ended shortly after the show ended. In 2020 try to access the selections of Sanremo Giovani, but without success.

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