Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini, photos in front of the same hotel

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Five weeks ago, on the cover of the German weekly Bundestood out the exclusive photo of a tender kiss between Michelle Hunziker And Giovanni Angiolini. Over a month later, the couple is over again in the sights of the paparazzi who have immortalized the presenter and the doctor as they leave – albeit separately – from a well-known Milanese hotela stone’s throw from the Central Station.

She appears first, mounting on his pink spider and disappears through the streets of the city. A few minutes after, here is he too – according to the reportage of the magazine Who – seems to have gone to catch a train. The gossip about the alleged new love story proceeds unstoppable. Albeit with everyone the conditionals of the case.

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Yes, because of certainties to date there are very few. Michelle, who ended the relationship with over ten years with Tomaso Trussardi, it has never closed the doors to possible new chapters sentimental: “I believe in love because the important investments in life are those of the heart that they hurt more, devastated you, but they make you feel aliveHe said in early March.

“People who say”I suffered so I close”, They make a living sacrificed. I fall in love, I burn: sure, the fall is terrifying, but then you get up », he concluded. “I’ve seen people get back in the game at 60 and was reborn. If one is perfect, he never risks, he makes a life that it couldn’t be mine. I like to throw myself in and live intensely ». I have decided to throw yourself precisely with Angiolini?

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The question mark it is a must, but the rumors in the last period have become insistent. Despite Dagospia revealed a recent meeting Hunziker-Trussardi in a mountain refuge («bystanders say that there was a lot of feeling»), Michelle seems more and more ready to start a new chapter of his love life.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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