Michelle Hunziker in the Aeolian sea, the photo that drives social media crazy

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M.entre the ex-husband Tomaso Trussardi is on vacation in Venice with her daughters Celeste and Sole, Michelle Hunziker you enjoy a few days on a boat with friends between dives, workouts, good food and lots of laughs, all detailed in his Instagram Stories. The party has just stopped at Aeolian Islandsand from there the presenter also gave us a photo that immortalizes her in topless in front of a suggestive cliff. A super sexy shot that in a few hours has won over 66,000 “likes”. “Where there are volcanoes, the earth in my opinion releases a very powerful energy,” writes 45-year-old Michelle. «I immerse myself completely and I hear the sound of the stones moving in a perpetual movement, the points where the water heats up considerably lull me and bring me back to a state of beautiful balance. Nature is wonderful… ».

Words that tell all the serenity of the presenter after not easy months. The announcement of the separation from Tomaso Trussardi, his companion for over 10 years. Michelle has since joined the gossip viewfinderwhich has given her alleged – but never certified – flirt. Until last March the German magazine Bunde published the photo of a kiss with the doctor, and former gieffino, Giovanni Angiolini. Then the magazine Who he immortalized the two in front of the same hotelwhile Newabout a week ago, he paparazzi them in Sardinia during a whole vacation sea, kisses and cuddles, including champagne-based aperitifs, fresh tuna tartare and romantic sunsets. Nevertheless, no confirmation (or denial) of the report has so far been received from those directly involved. Michelle, apparently, at the moment he wants his love life to remain as private as possible.

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Maybe also to protect Celeste and Sole, 8 and 7 year old girls from Trussardi from gossip. Michelle and Tomaso for months now they have taken different paths. But the daughters, of course, remain their priority. And in fact, last March they celebrated together, serene and smiling, the birthday of the second child Celeste. On the other hand, the presenter said it clearly: she wants to try to “save the beautiful»With Tomaso, whom« I love so much e I will always want it“.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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