Michelle Hunziker on Eros Ramazzotti: “Love changes but it’s always love”

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The divorce between Michelle Hunziker And Eros Ramazzotti dates back to 2009. Thirteen years have passed since one of the most beautiful couples in the show, after eleven years of marriage crowned by the birth of a daughter, Aurora, he said goodbye. Since then everything has changed: Hunziker has had two other daughters, Sole and Celeste, from the ex husband Tomaso Trussardi; Ramazzotti two other children, Raffaela Maria and Gabrio Tullio, had him fromex wife Marica Pellegrinelli. Yet the bond between Eros and Michelle is still very strong. So much so that he wanted her, together with his daughter Aurora, in the new videoclip of Loves. And Hunziker, in her Instagram Stories about her, reciprocated by dedicating beautiful words to her ex: “Twenty-six years later The best thing (the song that Ramazzotti wrote for her, ed) love has changed but it’s still love“. On Instagram, the presenter also explains how their professional collaboration was born: “A few months ago I received a message from Eros asking me:” Would you like to participate in my video? ” I replied: “Yes of course”. The day of the video I woke up early, thinking: “What a beautiful life” ».

That the two over time managed to rebuild a beautiful relationship was already understood last February, when Michelle, then fresh from break with Tomaso Trussardiin the first episode of his show Mission Impossible he had wanted on his own stage the ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti. “Ours was a beautiful story,” the two had admitted during a reunion in which he had sung There’s nothing more beautiful, the song composed for her when they were one of the most beautiful couples in the world of entertainment. Then, both excited and with shining eyes, they had greeted each other with a kiss.

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Today Michelle, according to the gossip, would have a new love: the doctor, and former gieffino, Giovanni Angiolini. Last March the German magazine Bunde published the photo of a kiss. Then the two were paparazzi in Sardinia during a whole vacation sea, kisses and cuddles, including champagne-based aperitifs, fresh tuna tartare and romantic sunsets. So far, no confirmation (or denial) of the report has been received from those directly involved. Michelle, apparently, he wants his current love life to remain as private as possible. Of what she was, however, she has chosen to talk again. To remind us that the feeling changes, “but it is always love”.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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