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Michelle Obama, who in menopause gave up having “Michelle Obama’s muscular biceps”

Michelle Obama he is embracing all the changes that come with aging, including the abandonment of his signature muscular biceps.

In view of the release of his new book, The Light We Carrythe former First Lady he reflected on the arrival of menopause, on entering this new chapter of life and on how sincere conversations with her friends and family about these experiences have helped her to find herself in the midst of this phase: “There is not much talk of menopause. I am going through it and I know that all my friends are doing the same. But the information is scarce », said the author in an interview published on People.
Despite everything, in this period of uncertainty, Michelle found solace in her close-knit group of friends: “We get together, do things together, laugh, then spend some time talking about what we’re going through. In our group there are also friends who are gynecologists and who have real information. All this makes us more serene ».

In the interview, Michelle Obama also talked about chow her approach to physical care has changed now that she is becoming more mature: “Some of it is menopause, some of it is aging,” he said. «I notice that I can’t keep myself in training with the same intensity as I used to. It doesn’t work the same way anymore. When I tear a muscle or have a strain, I’m out. The recovery time is no longer what it used to be ». For this reason, his routine focuses more on flexibility than on cardio fitness: “You end up finding a balance between staying fit enough and being kind enough with your body to stay in the game,” he explained.

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Michelle also reveals of having been spared from severe mood swingsbut to still encounter hot flashes and a certain weight gain in menopause: «I never weighed myself. And even now I don’t try to stick to the numbers, but when you are in menopause you have a slow weight gain that you don’t realize, “explained the former first lady. “We are all in menopause with elastic waistbands and athleisure clothing, then she gets up and she can’t wear the clothes she had last year anymore! I have to be more attentive, not obsessive, but more attentive“.

That said, she added that she still considers herself ‘blessed’ in terms of her experience: ‘I think my skin is still healthy and I still have hair on my head. These are the things for which I must consider myself lucky, ”she stressed. “I’m still physically active and my goal now, instead of having muscular biceps, is to keep moving“.

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