Michoacán passes law to grant free menstrual products

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Mexican women spend an average of 26,640 pesos on menstrual hygiene products throughout their reproductive lives. According to the initiative #MensesDignifiedMexico, a large part of this sector invests between 5 and 10 percent of their monthly income in purchasing menstruation products.

Surprisingly and fortunately, the Congress of the State of Michoacán became the first federative entity to promote menstrual education. In addition, it will provide free towels, tampons and menstrual cups to all those who need these products.

A historic event for Mexican women

Dignified menstruation in Michoacán

Last Tuesday, March 2, 2021, the Education Commission, led by deputy Antonio Madriz, promoter of this initiative, presented an opinion that highlighted the need to promote menstrual education, without forgetting that it should be provided in a free menstrual hygiene products for girls, women and menstruating people.

From a gender perspective, the competent authority will gradually and progressively facilitate, in accordance with budget sufficiency, free access to menstrual management products for girls, women and menstruating persons, in public schools belonging to the state educational system.

-Initiative presented by the Education Commission of Michoacán

The beginning of #MensesDignified in Mexico

Girls hands holding menstrual cups

After a long meeting of Congress, articles 29, 53 and 112 of the Education Law of the State of Michoacán were modified. This new law will also grant sexual and reproductive education programs, which will help reduce the gender gap that girls, adolescents and women in the state of Michoacán face every day.

Today is Michoacán, tomorrow it will be all of Mexico.

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