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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop – the application allows you to connect to a remote PC and work resources from almost anywhere, and also allows you to use RemoteFX technology with support for gestures for Windows on mobile devices.

  • Accessing remote resources through Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG)
  • Convenient touch control
  • Secure connection using Network Layer Authentication (NLA)
  • Easily manage all remote connections from the communication center
  • High quality streaming video and audio using traffic compression
  • Easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations

For the program to work, you must enable remote desktop connection in the system settings, and a password for your account must also be set.


  1. Enter IP in PC name. (Remote PC)
  2. Gateaway does not need to be touched at all.
  3. Your account name and password. (credential)

Source: Trash Box

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