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Microstrategy bought another 6,455 BTC

Microstrategy Company bought more 6,455 BTC for a total of approximately $150 million. This was announced by the founder and head of the company, Michael Saylor, on his Twitter.

“MicroStrategy repaid a $205 million Silvergate loan at a 22% discount. As of 3/23/23, MSTR purchased an additional ~6,455 BTC for $150M. Average purchase price is $23,238 including fees and expenses.”

Sailor added that since then, the firm’s total assets have grown to 138,955 BTC, purchased for approximately $4.14 billion, and the average price is $29,817. Also before the purchase, MicroStrategy repaid a loan of $161 million. Although the company took out a loan from Silvergate Bank $205 million, but gave it away at a 22% discount.

Microstrategy recently released a quarterly report in which it said it would continue to buy BTC despite the fact that the bitcoin it owns posted a loss of around $197.6 million.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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