Mid-term elections in the US: Biden avoided a heavy defeat – The two dilemmas for the future

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The intermediate ones elections at USA they continue to be in progress and the results so far show that the Joe Biden finally managed to contain the negative performance and project strong opposition to the Republicans.

In fact, it may claim the best performance of a ruling party in mid-term elections in 20 years, since the last time something similar happened during the presidency of George Bush, after the attacks on the twin towers.

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Then, the second and most important dilemma is if he will be able to run againnot only because of his age (he is already the oldest US president), but also because of his acceptance.

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So far, Biden may not be the best choice of traditional Democrats or their allies/friends around the world, but he has rallied the moderates and apolitical elements of American society to some extent.

In fact, so far, he has achieved better results than other people, such as Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, who, while rallying traditional voters, could not easily win over the undecided.

Source: News Beast

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