Mid-term elections in the USA: Donald Trump did not ride the “red wave” after all – The rare confession

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The “red wave” that Republicans were discounting, especially in the House of Representatives in the US midterm elections, did not comepotentially depriving Donald Trump of the springboard he has been eagerly waiting for to announce his candidacy in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Remaining silent all morning yesterday, the former president, who had hoped to ride the “red wave”, finally acknowledged, rarely for him, via the social networking site he created, that the results were “a bit disappointing”.

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Many of the candidates he publicly supported were defeated. By contrast, one of his potential rivals in the race for the Grand Old Party nomination to be the party’s 2024 presidential candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSandis, a rising star of the American hard right, was comfortably re-elected.

After his triumph, he emphasized that “the battle” is just “beginning”.

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Republican baron Kevin McCarthy, who is being anointed to be the next “speaker”, the new speaker of the House of Representatives, succeeding Nancy Pelosi, wanted to show more confidence.

“It is clear that we will take back the House of Representatives”, he assured on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

However, even this is not certain. Although Republicans have a net gain of 12 seats, according to Edison Research, 39 Democratic-held seats are still up for grabs. So far, the Republicans have secured 208 seats and the Democrats 188, as reported by international agencies and relayed by the Athens News Agency.

If they succeed, Republicans have already made their intentions clear: they will make sure to dust off Joe Biden’s agenda, whether it’s on climate change or the inflation law; they also promise to launch investigations that could lead to his impeachment occupant of the White House on trial in the Senate and his removal from office.

The Senate is played in overtime (?)

In the Senate, completely divided before the elections, where the Democrats had a marginal majority thanks to the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, it will take several days, if not weeks, before it becomes clear which faction will have a majority.

At midnight (Greece time), the seats in Arizona and Nevada had not yet been decided.

While in Georgia, as in 2020, the seat will be decided in overtime, since none of the candidates, neither pastor Raphael Warnock, the outgoing senator, nor black former American football star Herschel Walker, who was publicly endorsed by Donald Trump, did not break the 50% barrier. A new vote will therefore be held. It is scheduled to be held on December 6.

The 79-year-old president’s camp did not hide their satisfaction with his performance, although Mr Biden will be forced to govern with an apparently divided Congress for the remaining two years of his term.

The Democrats won from the Republicans one of the Senate seats for which there was a hard battle, the one in Pennsylvania: it will be represented by John Fetterman.

In the election campaign the issue that dominated was inflation, which is the main concern of Americans in the sixth century.Officially at 8.2% on an annual basis, it is the highest in the last 40 years.

There was no fraud

As for the gubernatorial races, after taking two states from the Republicans (Maryland, Massachusetts), the Democrats had not yet said their last word in Arizona, where the outcome of the battle of Carrie Lake, an ardent supporter of Mr. .Trump, who was said to be the favorite, with Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs remained unknown.

There was no fraud in the state’s election, despite technical problems with some ballot counting machines, local authorities insisted yesterday, warning that the final results are not expected to be announced for several days.

Besides, the defenders of the right to abortion yesterday celebrated “historic” victories in the referendums held alongside the midterm elections, especially in the ultra-conservative state of Kentucky.

Several observers noted with relief that, despite the fears expressed before the election about irregularities, as well as violent incidents, the elections took place without problems or riots.

“Ultimately the Americans will find it again, I hope, as they always do,” 55-year-old Gina Tarantino, a voter in New York, wants to believe.

Source: News Beast

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