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Mike Tindall agreed to participate in the Island of the famous “because he needs the money”

British royal watchers have been wondering for weeks why Mike Tindall agreed to participate to the UK version of The island of the famous: I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here (literally «I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!»). Transforming into the first British royal in a reality show And throwing discredit, according to i royal watcher more traditionalists, on the Crown. The answer now comes from a friend of Tindall’s, the presenter Alex Payne. And it is the most obvious: the husband of Zara Phillips she said “yes” to the reality show on ITV because he needs money. “Mike doesn’t swim in a sea of ​​money. His main source of income is public speaking and organizing events and as a former rugby champion he also works in the sports world. But you have to remember that the last couple of years have not been easy for people who work in these sectors,” explained Payne al Sun.

Mike, in short, needs to replenish his finances. And reality TV must have seemed like a great solution to him. The details of the agreement between Itv and the Princess Anne’s son-in-law remain confidential for the time being, but it is known that the more famous a participant is, the higher the amount paid by the TV to ensure their presence: the engagements in some cases would have exceeded one million pounds. Net of the cachet, Payne assures, Tindall would never have participated in the program if he had thought that his presence “would have created tension” within the Crown: “Mike will never do anything that causes harm to the royal family».

Many real observers are not of the same opinion. Because Mike, in the first three weeks spent in the Australian jungle (the program takes place there) has already amply demonstrated that he has a long tongue. For example, last week he revealed that years ago, during a party, stood in his underwear in front of Princess Anna. While a few days earlier she had spilled embarrassing details about his first date with Zara (in 2003, in Australia, where they were both for the rugby world championship): «We had lunch together. And it was a very alcoholic lunch. We realized that we both like to get drunk on alcohol. It was a great start». Revelations that at the Palace, according to the Royal biographer Angela Levindid not like it at all: «Tindall is carrying discrediting the royal family».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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