Mikis Theodorakis: Al Pacino bids farewell to his friend and collaborator – “We will remember him forever!”

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Al Pacino, in 1973 starred in the film “SERPICO” whose music was written by Mikis Theodorakis.

The two met and collaborated on the occasion of the great cinematic success and today, the famous Hollywood star says his own “goodbye” to the top composer.

«I remember the first time I heard his music for the movie “SERPICO”. It was in the producer’s Manhattan office on the sixteenth floor, overlooking the night sky illuminated and he was playing the musical theme (sountrack) of the film. “Of course, that scene immediately came to my mind when I heard about his death,” Al Pacino said in an exclusive statement to Mega.

In 1973, Mikis’ music resonated in all cinemas of the time, through the film “SERPICO”, starring the then young man, Al Pacino.

The film that narrated the life of an incorruptible American policeman, Frank Serpico, became an occasion for Mikis Theodorakis to invest in the work with his unique music.

The famous producer of the film Dino De Laurentiis, against the opinion of the director, Sidney Lumet that the film could stand without music, insisted and won, with the result that in the end the film grew by 14 minutes.

Mikis, seeing an unfinished version of the film, thought he did not need music, but Sidney Liumet insisted.

Then, Mikis gave him a cassette from his pocket with the wonderful melody of the song “Dromoi palioi” with lyrics by Manolis Anagnostakis.

Since then, the music has been associated with Frank Serpico and Al Pacino, who played the incorruptible policeman.

«And I knew it, when I listened to his music that night; I actually said, ‘He has it, he has the movie; This is my memory! As of course the music for Zorba as well as for other film themes he wrote in his career. What a gift… We will miss him and we will remember him forever!»

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