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Milei will need to make concessions to govern Argentina, says political scientist

Argentina’s elected president Javier Milei “will have to make concessions” to govern.

This is the assessment of political scientist Renato Dolci.

A CNN Radio he highlighted that Milei comes in the context of an “outsider”, who places himself in a role of “changing the status of the political class.”

“However, he will have difficulty governing exclusively with his base, which is a minority in both the Senate and the Chamber,” he added.

Once concessions are made, Dolci highlights that “this makes the populist ideas of the candidacy process difficult to put into practice.”

“The question at the moment is how we will see the change from the candidate Milei to the ruler Milei, whether he will continue with the most radical agendas”, he pondered.

The election of the ultra-rightist was “a strong response to the economic difficulties” that Argentina is going through.

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Even so, Dolci believes that it will still be necessary to understand how Milei’s proposals will work in practice.

From this, according to him, it will be possible to identify how relations between Brazil and Argentina will be.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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