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Program will train people against racism in early childhood, says Unicef

Unicef ​​and the federal government sign this Monday (20) an agreement to combat racism in early childhood.

This November 20th is National Black Awareness Day and World Children’s Day.

A CNN Radio Unicef ​​Brazil’s early childhood officer Maíra Souza stated that the PIA (Anti-Racist Early Childhood) will promote training of professionals in the health service, early childhood education and social assistance.

“It will be a series of in-person and remote training on subjects such as literacy, social awareness, whiteness, structural racism and unconscious bias”, he listed.

According to Maíra, racism affects children from an early age.

“Racism is a silent violence, children notice differences in treatment, but they don’t know how to name it, they only identify it as pain”, he explained.

This means that they feel the difference “in the look, care and affection”, which has “an impact on self-esteem, self-confidence and socialization.”

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The expert argues that cases involving adults gain more repercussions, but “violence happens earlier, all the time, and we need to normalize the debate to create more aware and protected children.”

The expectation is that the PIA will come into action next year, when a work plan is established.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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