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Military police make a truculent approach and attack people at the exit of a bar in Grande SP; look

A group of military police carried out a truculent approach and attacked people at the exit of a bar in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, in Greater São Paulo, on Sunday (4).

The action was recorded in a video posted on social media by lawyer Arial De Castro, which shows men and women leaving the scene for the street, where they were awaited by uniformed police with batons. They pushed civilians and attacked people — one was even hit in the face.

A man was pulled, fell to the ground, knocked over a trash can and, shortly afterwards, was hit by the object that had been kicked by one of the police officers.

In a note, the Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo (SSP) said it will open an inquiry and will analyze the images that went viral on social networks, in addition to the material collected by body cameras, “to identify possible responsibility for excesses practiced during the action”.

The agency alleged that a team of military police officers was harassed while approaching two men who were riding a motorcycle without a helmet on Rua Almeida Leme.

They would have been attacked with bottles and chairs by about 100 people who wanted to help the suspects escape, according to Colonel Nikoluk, commander of the 6th Metropolitan Military Police Battalion — responsible for the São Paulo municipalities of São Bernardo do Campo and São Caetano do Sul .

“The Military Police Command in São Bernardo do Campo reaffirms to the press and the entire civil society its commitment to the defense of life, physical integrity and human dignity, fighting crime and enforcing the laws”, he said.

The SSP added that other vehicles went to the site to provide support, found the two officers surrounded by the group of people, and “carried out operational procedures for dispersal”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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