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Zelensky: The counter-offensive operations of the Ukrainian army are ongoing

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky stated today that counter-offensive operations of the Ukrainian army on his front are underway warbut without specifying at what stage these companies are.

“Counter-attack and defense actions are underway at Ukraine and I will not talk about them in detail,” Zelensky emphasized at a press conference. “You have to trust our soldiers and I trust them“, he added.

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Ukraine launched its long-awaited major counteroffensive against the Russian military. The Russian military has reported large-scale attacks mainly on the southern front in the past six days.

Putin, however, argued that the Ukrainian military had failed to “achieve its goals” during these attacks and has suffered heavy losses. Ukrainian authorities, for their part, appear to be downplaying the extent of the fighting on the front in recent days, and are not detailing their strategy.

Today, Serhi Tserevaty, a representative of the Eastern Ukraine Administration stated that Ukrainian military forces managed to advance 1,400 meters around the ruined city of Bahamut in the east.

Source: News Beast

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