Min. Citizen Protection: SYRIZA propaganda at the expense of our country itself in the Evros issue

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“SYRIZA, in its attempt to oppose everything, is possessed by an extreme anti-government mentality and engages in propaganda at the expense of our country itself with lies,” the Ministry of Citizen Protection emphasizes in its statement in response to SYRIZA regarding the investigations into the identification of migrants on an islet of Evros.

And he continues: “They talk about “apathy” and “reluctance”, they uncritically adopt accusations of “refusal to mobilize”, they even invent alleged contradictions, they do not hesitate to describe Greece as a “guardian country” of “Fortress Europe”! This is the opinion of SYRIZA about our country. This is the image of the official opposition for the Greek Police”.

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“The most infuriating thing,” emphasizes the ministry’s announcement, “is that our police officers, who have saved thousands of lives, are being called. Women and men of ELAS who are in danger every day to keep the flags of patriotism, humanitarianism and solidarity aloft. Coming face to face with unscrupulous slave traders.

It is unthinkable that they blame Greece, standing in favor of those who do not hesitate to exploit unhappy people.

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These tactics are defended by SYRIZA, against our country, against the principles and values ​​of European culture. Shame on them!”.

And the announcement of the Ministry of Citizen Protection ends by pointing out: “And all this while the responsible head of SYRIZA, Christos Spirtzis, requested and received full information from the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos. Let them talk to each other in SYRIZA.”

Source: Capital

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