Ministry of Industry and Trade invests 7.6 billion rubles in a Russian supercomputer

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The information publication “Kommersant” reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade on November 3 on the portal of public procurement published a tender for the development of the latest multiprocessor system on a chip. It should be based on the Russian architecture NeuroMatrix, owned by JSC STC “Modul”, and the total budget of the tender is 7.6 billion rubles – the winner, who should be determined in December this year, will have to produce the first batch of products by November 30, 2025. And, importantly, the challenge is to create a completely new product, not a copy of competitors.

“The microcircuit being developed has no domestic and direct foreign counterparts and is an indirect analogue of the American Nvidia Jetson Xavier microcircuit,” – an official requirement from the application on the public procurement website.

Also, the documentation on the site indicates that the developed system must be equipped with a special neural network accelerator with at least eight neuroprocessor cores. The ministry wants this development to become a Russian analogue of the Jetson Xavier supercomputer from the American company NVIDIA – this, according to experts, will have a positive effect on the country’s independence in certain areas. For example, the Jetson Xavier is used in the robotics field, drones and many other areas. But, according to all the same experts, for the Russian analogue to be successful, it is necessary to invest huge resources in creating an ecosystem.

If the project is completed by the specified date, the Russian supercomputer will be able to efficiently work with many types of data, even in the defense sector. For example, such a computer will recognize images, control unmanned smart vehicles, and manage a predictive security system. Also, the computer can be used in medicine for automatic diagnostics, the creation of robotic technology, and so on.

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