Miriam Leone and Paolo Carullo, wedding in Scicli: «An indescribable happiness !!!

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«Ni maritamu», that is «we got married», these are the keywords of the wedding of Miriam Leone, who in the afternoon of September 18 in Scicli said yes to Paolo Carullo, his partner for about two years, without even a couple photo on Instagram. If it had been up to them, even the marriage would have remained private until the end. To “betray” them was, in fact, an ordinance of the Sicilian municipality announcing the closure to traffic of some streets in the center on the afternoon of 18 September.

So the Sicilian actress found dozens of fans and onlookers in front of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria la Nova, in the heart of the town, ready to wish her good wishes. “Thank you very much, thank you all”, she said before entering the church, in a beautiful embroidered dress, gathered hair and a veil to frame her face, happy as ever. Both Sicilians, they would have met thanks to mutual friends.

“I read about news that say I’m about to get married. But I still don’t see the ring! I received an avalanche of phone calls from people offended because they had not been invited or informed, in particular the aunts in Sicily were upset: they have been keeping my trousseau ready for years. Sorry to disappoint, no wedding. But I confirm that the person is there “, Miriam had declared last year. It was not yet the right time. That time has come, even for the aunts.

«An indescribable happiness !!!», the first words of the actress after the wedding. And now it’s party time. Congratulations!

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