Missing hairdresser’s car is found charred with 4 bodies inside in GO

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Hairdresser Elizamar Silva, 39, and three children disappeared on Thursday (12), in the Federal District (DF) and the next day her car was found charred near Cristalina, in Goiás, with four bodies inside.

According to the civil police of Goiás (PCGO) and the DF (PCDF), which are investigating the case, the hairdresser, owner of a beauty salon in Asa Norte de Brasília, had left to look for her husband at her mother-in-law’s house in the Itapoã region. .

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The 30-year-old man was also declared missing this Monday (16), as well as his father, mother and sister by the PCDF, totaling 8 missing persons from the same family.

Early this Monday, the police found another charred car that belonged to Elizamar’s husband’s father on the BR-251 highway. The case is investigated by the 6th Police Station in Paranoá.

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Before the vehicle was located, Elizamar’s eldest daughter posted a request for help on social media, stating that her family had been missing since her mother left to look for her husband.

The PCDF detailed that the children are a couple of six-year-old twins and another seven-year-old child. “The facts were communicated to the police by the eldest son of the missing woman, aged 23,” said the PCDF.

It has not yet been possible to confirm the identity of the bodies. “Thus, it is still not possible to state that these bodies belong to the missing family, although the evidence points to such a hypothesis”, explains the deputy delegate of the 6th DP, Achilles de Oliveira Júnior.

Elizamar’s husband, 30 years old, disappeared with his mother, 52 years old, father, 54 years old and sister, 25 years old.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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