Reactions to $10 million statue: ‘Resembles a penis and insults the black community’

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It has created serious reactions in the USA statue which was placed in Boston as a tribute to Martin Luther Kingas it represents in hug that he did with his wife when he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

As stated by nypost.comit is about the abstract work of art “The Embrace» created by artist Hank Willis Thomaswhile cost $10 millionamount collected from private donations and money of the Municipality.

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THE Seneca Scott Well, cousin of Coretta Scott King wife of Martin Luther Kinghas strongly protested the statue, which he says demeans the legacy of his ancestors and insults the black community.

I don’t know how the permission was given but it’s unacceptable… It looks like a huge penis and it’s insulting to the black community“, he said characteristically of the 7.62 meter statue.

“The Embrace” statue in Boston
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According to him “the media described it as ‘beautiful’ because it was their line”, while he considers that “washes away the crimes” against African-Americans, because when you see it, you “want to laugh” and not “think about its symbolism”.

“Ten million dollars were wasted to create a masturbatory metal tribute to the legendary members of my family, one of the greatest American families of all time,” he also noted in an article he wrote on the issue.

In fact, according to the American publication, netizens were outraged by this statuewhich they called both “unacceptable” and “insulting” to Martin Luther King and the black community in the US.

Source: News Beast

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