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Mitsotaki TV message about the pandemic

Mitsotaki TV message about the pandemic


Of Dimitris Gatsiou

The Prime Minister is expected to address a new TV message to the citizens tomorrow, focusing on the course of the pandemic virus but also on the developments a few weeks before Christmas.

Earlier Capital.gr It was reported that almost three twenty-four hours before the end of the first two weeks of the implementation of the new measures to deal with the pandemic wave, the government states that they are determined to remain committed to the wheel of this strategy.

And as government officials explain, this means that the alloy of interventions will remain in force in the next period, as its implementation produces results, at a time when the data reflect the growing trend in … citizens’ appointments with the company “Eleftheria”.

Based on the latest data, what is observed is a significant increase in the … stings of the first dose, while the picture related to the booster doses of the vaccines is similar, a fact that leaves the first notes of optimism for the general course. of the program in the coming weeks and until Christmas.

“We are facing an increase in cases. This is a European phenomenon. Vaccination rates in Greece are around the average of the European Union. We are trying to encourage the unvaccinated to be vaccinated,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking yesterday to the British network ITV.

“Our National Health System is under a lot of pressure and we are trying to help doctors and nurses deal with this wave of the epidemic. Almost nine out of ten people being treated at the ICU are unvaccinated. “Their lives because they did not make the simple decision to be vaccinated … We have a strict policy, but we will not follow the Austrian tactics, imposing a complete lockdown on the vaccinated,” he added.

The model, however, that concerns our unvaccinated fellow citizens, will remain as it is at Christmas and New Year. This, in essence, means that the unvaccinated, as is done to date, will not have access to the enclosed spaces and should not … hope for last minute changes that will facilitate his daily life during the holidays.

“We have made it more difficult for the unvaccinated to access restaurants. We rely heavily on tests. And what we have seen over the last two weeks is a significant increase in the vaccination rate. So we believe this strategy is effective,” he said. Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

According to executives, the government’s strategy for dealing with the new wave of pandemics is:

-In health insurance.

-The need for the economy not to close again and for society to remain open.

“What we are doing is focusing on increasing vaccination coverage, implementing protection measures, with extensive controls and continuing to strengthen the health system,” is the message conveyed, with the four main pillars of the plan remaining. in absolute priority. According to them:

– There will be no more lockdown. “Those who have been vaccinated will not be severely restricted again. There is no talk of restricting the freedoms of our vaccinated fellow citizens. There may be point improvements, but they do not deviate from the essence of the strategy being pursued,” they said.

– Sanitary measures to protect and stop the virus are primarily for the unvaccinated and include extensive testing. Emphasis is placed on their observance and to this end an extensive audit plan is underway throughout the country.

– Special emphasis is given to the continuation of the effort to expand the vaccination coverage of the population and to the acceleration of the rhythms for the third-booster dose. “There is no obligation on the table and it is not discussed. What is being discussed, not only in our country but also in the rest of Europe, is whether the Covid certificate will be linked to the third installment. Decisions on this issue will be made in the near future. , based on the relevant discussions in the European Union “, point out executives.

– The strengthening of the health system continues, especially in the regions where there is a great and increased pressure. “Today at the disposal of public hospitals there are 1,277 ICU beds compared to the 557 that existed in 2019. At the same time, as in previous waves of the pandemic, so now, we are working with the private sector for non-Covid care, but also Covid cases in private clinics “, note agents.


Source From: Capital



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