Mitsotakis… put the brakes on the election scenario and defined the dilemmas of the next national ballot

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By Dimitris Gatsiou

Enlisting the clearest answer of the last few weeks, the prime minister closed, from the floor of the Parliament, the scenario for an early appeal to the national polls, even in the second fortnight of September. And in a dress-rehearsal debate of the pre-election period, one day before today’s third anniversary of the assumption of the government of the country by the New Democracy, Mr. Mitsotakis not only proposed an agenda, which the “blue people” consider highly privileged for the Maximos Palace, like that of social policy, but he also defined the dilemmas that the citizens will be asked to answer, when he himself…presses the button of developments.

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“On the elections – because you are very worried about the elections and when they will be held and you are asking us here to come and call elections – I will repeat to you once again what I have told you many times, that the elections will be held at the end of the four years . It seems you don’t listen, but in the end life itself will confirm my words”, stressed the prime minister, addressing the president of SYRIZA, from the Plenary floor, pointing out that it is his duty to defend institutional stability. This is an aversion, as executives commented, in the wake of the parliamentary debate, which is not only addressed to the official opposition party and its leader, but also to the inside of the governing faction. To parliamentarians and ministers who have already started the…hunting of the cross in their regions, with him pointing, constantly, in the direction of continuous project production. In fact, the next big milestone, which is expected to be a field of intense confrontation and…political hazing with the opposition parties, is the bill on higher education, which will come to Parliament next week.

Self-reliance is the goal

On the other hand, Mr. Mitsotakis, during the nearly seven-hour long political confrontation in a…scenic Parliament, defined the dilemmas of the next elections, provoking a comparison of the deeds of the current “blue” four-year period, with that of the SYRIZA government. “When election time comes, we will say ‘what exactly do we remember from the four years of Tsipras’? What do we remember? Taxes, pension cuts and lies, lies, lies. At least for us, yes, the Greek people will say: they reduced unemployment, brought investments, reduced taxes and contributions. We equipped the country, protected the borders, supported society in the pandemic and the energy crisis. What exactly are you going to say?”, he noted, once again proposing the stability it needs the country, in this challenging time.

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“Mr. Tsipras, if the dilemma of the next election is who can best handle the multiple crises, who can hold the helm of the country firmly, who can ensure stability and security, you are starting from a deeply disadvantaged position,” he said and held steady the… compass to the goal of New Democracy’s self-reliance, in the second ballots.

“Today, more than ever, the country needs stability. Stability is served by governments that enjoy the confidence of the Parliament, that have the ability to move quickly, that have proven that a government that is composed and formed by one party, has the ability to widen its appeal and attract executives who do not belong to the New Democracy space. Some present here, in the ministerial seats, document exactly the truth of the word. So the source of instability, which exists at this moment, is the simple analogy. “When the elections are held at the end of the four-year period, this bomb that you have set will be defused. And in the second elections, a self-sufficient government will emerge for a self-sufficient Greece,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized.

Source: Capital

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