Mobilizations in Europe against the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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“Stop this madness!”: From Berlin to Paris, Warsaw and The Hague, protesters took to the streets today against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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“Stop this madness, save lives, no more lies”: in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin, a protester was holding a placard with the above slogan. Others were holding or covered with the Ukrainian flag.

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Among the protesters, Russians are criticizing the military operation launched by Moscow.

“Everyone should come here today and support Ukraine and say that the war must stop,” Kalingrad, a 32-year-old Kaliningrad native who has settled in Germany, told AFP. in October.

“Ukrainians and Russians are brothers and sisters. All my friends and parents are in shock and do not want war.”

“We want to show that we are against the war. We are Russians and we come from Russia. Ukraine has always been a country friendly to us and a country close to us,” said Ekaterina Studinsky, 40, who has lived for 16 years. in Germany.

Ukrainian citizens took part in another rally outside the Brandenburg Gate.

Demonstrations are planned to take place in most major cities in Germany.

In Paris, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Russian embassy, ​​including candidates in the April presidential election, such as that of the Greens Yannick Zando or former Minister Christian Tombira.

In Warsaw, a protester set fire to and burned a Russian flag in front of the Russian embassy.

Earlier, rallies were held in Beirut and Tokyo. In Dublin, The Hague and Amsterdam, hundreds of people also demonstrated today in front of Russian delegations.


Source: Capital

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