Model exposes brand secrets: they use padded models for ‘plus size’ clothes

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It’s no secret that the fashion world has very strict beauty standards for models, especially when it comes to body measurements. We are used to these being tall, slim and perfectly proportioned. However, for some time now this has been changing and it is now a little more common to see models with very different body types.

Or at least that’s what we thought, because let’s not forget that we really don’t know how the industry works or everything that happens behind the scenes. For example, a model went viral on TikTok for revealing a “trick” modeling agencies use for photo shoots with models. plus size.

The secrets of clothing brands


Based on questions for my video “from skinny to plus size” with 3M views, link in comments ➡️

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Karoline Bjornelykke is a Norwegian model who works for brands that produce clothes for plus size people. Although Karoline is considered curvy by the standards of the modeling industry, one look at her is enough to tell that an XXL top wouldn’t fit her. But this is not a problem, as the models have their tricks to fix this.

You see, in plus size clothing shoots it’s common for models to wear a special outfit under the clothes they’re modeling. This suit is stuffed until the clothes fit, and if all else fails, they secure the garments with darts at the back to make it look like the models are plus size.

“Hire models. plus size

According to Karoline, the reason why brands prefer to do this instead of hiring models who do fit the clothes they model is that they want models with thin necks and sharp faces. This has the opposite effect of what is intended by the inclusion of different body types in modeling, since it creates standards of beauty that are simply not real.

The beauty standards this creates are not just difficult to achieve, they are impossible. My suggestion is that they just hire plus size models, there are so many beautiful women out there.


The fact that I’m plus size in the modeling industry is beyond me #plussizemodel #fyp #wlw

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On her TikTok page, Karoline has several videos where she talks about her experience as a model. plus sizebecause when he began his career, he was a “regular” size model, but suffered from eating disorders.

Definitely, the kind of practices that you exposed do not have a place in these times, since the objective of inclusivity in this industry is supposed to be getting rid, little by little, of such unattainable beauty standards, but by disguising the models , they only create an image that does not really exist and cannot be achieved.

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