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Modena, he turns himself in to the barracks with the body of his wife killed in the car

Femicide a Modena. He showed up at the barracks on the night between Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th June. In the van the wife’s corpse. She was the mother of the children of a 48-year-old who had been fighting with her for years over custody of her. She, 41 years old, resident in Austria, had returned to Modena probably to pick up her children who were 2 and 3 years old.

The woman, of Russian origins, was allegedly strangled. His body was curled up, with his head stuffed into a black bag. He had a belt tied around his neck.

He had initiated a regulatory procedure before the Innsbruck judicial authority primary custody of the two minor children and the exercise of visitation rights. According to a ruling dated 17 May 2023, the prevailing location was decided in the mother’s home. The father had visitation rights. In January 2024, he had appealed to the civil court of Modena for separation with charges against the woman, contesting the Austrian jurisdiction. The Modena court had confirmed what was decided by the Austrian, community and recognized court in Italy. In February the victim had filed a petition with the Innsbruck court to obtain sole custody.

There Journal of Modena reports that the man was arrested in the act of committing the crime of aggravated murder and was taken to the prison in Modena, on the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Vanity Fair

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