Molica: Ciro tried to put order in the party’s precatories, but there are strong local issues

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In the frame Freedom of Opinion this Friday (5), the journalist Fernando Molica reflected the split in the PDT after 15 votes in favor of the acronym to the basic text of the PEC of Precatórios, in the Chamber of Deputies.

The party’s majority position displeased the main PDT leadership, Ciro Gomes, who suspended the pre-candidacy for the presidency until the party re-evaluates its understanding of the proposal.

Molica highlighted that the divergence did not only occur in the acronym of Ciro, as PSB and PSDB also had a majority in favor of the PEC. “They are all opposition parties. There is a delicate issue and a difficulty in achieving this unity because they are different ideologically parties, but there are very serious internal issues”, he said.

“Ciro Gomes tried to put a brake on the arrangement, tried to put some order in this mess, but it’s not easy. First, there are very strong local issues. The parties are afraid, especially deputies from the Northeast, of being accused of, voting against the PEC, not making possible the aid of R$ 400. This is complicated, especially in poorer regions”, continued the journalist.

“Lira classified as ‘vile’ the idea of ​​increasing the rapporteur’s amendments, that this was being negotiated. But it’s. It’s real politics and it’s done that way. There is an ideological issue, there is; but personal interests, legitimate or illegitimate, also count for a lot and we see this in the result of this vote between opposition parties”, he concluded.

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Fernando Molica and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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