Moments of panic when an inflatable castle “exploded” – Two little girls are fighting for their lives

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Moments of panic prevailed in one Russian city ​​when an inflatable castle suddenly “exploded” and rose into the air, resulting in two little girls being seriously injured.

The children were shaken in the air over a metal fence and ended up on the tram lines.

The pictures that see the light of day show the panic that prevailed in the city of Barnaul when the huge inflatable was untied and threw the three- and four-year-olds into the air.

Three other children were found outside the inflatable but were not injured.

The two girls who were shaken in the air over the metal fence and fell on the tram lines are in serious condition. One, whose name is Anna and is 3 years old, suffered a concussion and a fracture of the spine. 4-year-old Vika suffered a broken skull and injuries to her lungs and stomach after flying almost 5 meters from the castle.

Some people ran to hold the inflatable and make sure no one was trapped. child in this.

An investigation into what caused the accident near a mall is ongoing. Initial reports said strong winds may have been responsible.

However, eyewitnesses said that there were no winds and claimed that “the sound of an explosion” or “a loud explosion” was heard.

One theory is that the castle was inflated too much and not properly secured. “Which wind? “I’m working at a bus stop from the spot and even we heard the noise,” said Anastasia Dolmatova.

According to local media reports, “some ropes were not tied and, in violation of safety rules, the inflatable was tied to the fence.”

The Russian Investigative Committee is investigating the case and has contacted the owners.

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