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Monkey gruesomely kills 10-year-old in India while playing with his friends

Tragic death found a 10-year-old boy in India when a monkey attacked and disemboweled him in an attack near a temple. Police said Dipak Thakor died when a group of monkeys attacked him while he was playing with friends near a temple in Salki, a small village in the western state of Gujarat, on Tuesday.

Both the boy and his friends were attacked but one monkey managed to kill the 10-year-old with his claws. The unfortunate boy was taken to hospital but died before doctors could attend to him. His intestine was ripped out during the attack. “Doctors pronounced him dead on arrival,” a police officer told local media.

The policeman added that she was the third monkey group attack this week. A forest official said that he and his team have been trying to catch the killer animals for a long time. “There is a large group of monkeys in the village. Two of them have been caught. Efforts are being made to lock up another one,” she said Daily Mail.

Langurs are not usually aggressive, although scientists have observed that all-male groups can become aggressive.

Source: News Beast

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