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Furla Series celebrates Suzanne Jackson with the Somethings in the World exhibition at GAM in Milan

Art and fashion, a combination that never ceases to provide inspiration and creativity. Because of this Furla with his namesake Furla Foundation, has been committed to celebrating art and culture and promoting the creativity of the future for 30 years. Founded in Bologna in 2008 by Giovanna Furlanetto, it began by selecting young artists, supporting them with dedicated prizes, and then launching the program Furla Series, a series of initiatives in collaboration with the largest Italian museums, created with the desire to promote new institutional synergies at multiple levels and to share expertise and resources with the common goal of enriching and implementing the contemporary art scene in our country.

In a virtuous union between ancient and contemporary, Fscreams Series since 2017 it has been involved in the production of events and exhibitions dedicated to some of the most significant national and international artists, created in collaboration with the most important Italian art institutions.

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Appointment at the Lirico theater in Milan on 25 and 26 November


An exhibition-manifesto

The fifth edition of the project is dedicated to Suzanne Jackson with an exhibition, the first ever in Europe, hosted inside GAM, the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan. The solo show curated by Bruna Roccasalva, artistic director of the Furla Foundation, is called Somethings in the World, and is structured to offer a glimpse into the research that the American artist has been carrying out for more than fifty years through a path that reconstructs its fundamental moments. Born in Missouri in 1944, moved to Alaska and then to San Francisco, today lives and works in Savannah, Suzanne Jackson during her existence was many women in one: professional dancer, set designer, poet, model, gallery owner.

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The Thousand and One Faces of Suzanne Jackson

A multifaceted and layered character just like his works. And his complex and fascinating life is the creative spark that shapes all his works. «His painting becomes a sensorial experience, which we wanted to show in a non-chronological path, but which proceeds through assonances» explains Bruna Roccasalvto. «What we observe is a sculptural and environmental dimension, with absolutely original research into light, space and colour». The concept of layering permeates everything, with works that are the result of long processes of additions on the most disparate supports, from theater set paper to the food web, from pistachio shells to tiles.

But it is color is Suzanne Jackson’s true creative tool, who in the most imaginative works of the exhibition becomes the protagonist in total purity. Layers and layers of acrylic paint become canvasless canvases, taking on a three-dimensional sculptural plasticity. The theme of recycling is also important, which Jackson learned from an early age during the period in which she lived in Alaska in close contact with nature. The theme of not wasting resources turns into creative recyclingwith recovered and reassembled materials.

From the dream paintings of the Seventies to the radical experiments of the most recent “anti-canvas”, the exhibition Somethings in the World, open until December 17, 2023manages to convey the complexity and evolution of a research that has challenged and pushed the limits of painting towards unexpected scenarios.

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