Monkey threw a brick from the 2nd floor and killed a man who hit him in the head

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It is not a few times that we have heard or read about the scandals that the monkeys in India. Stolen food or items from passers-by or tourists. Pulling hair or clothes. In our case, however, a monkey became a murderer.

An animal in New Delhi killed a 30-year-old man after throwing him brick from the second floor of a building. Local police confirmed that 30-year-old Mohammad Kurban was killed after he was hit in the head by a brick in an area of ​​the city center.

According to the Indian Express, the man, who was selling bags at a local store, collapsed as soon as he was hit by the monkey and was taken to hospital, where doctors simply diagnosed his death.

How the tragic event happened

During the investigation, the police found out that the owner of the building from where the monkey threw the brick, had left two bricks on a water tank to prevent the monkeys from opening it. Police said monkeys managed to move both bricks and throw one at the unfortunate man’s head and the other at a nearby rooftop.

The fatal incident comes just days after the wife of a leading political party in India lost her life after falling while trying to escape a monkey attack. The unfortunate woman was taken to the hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

The incident took place on September 9 when she was attacked by monkeys on the roof of her house. In order to escape he jumped from the roof.

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