Monthly losses of 3.37% on the ATHEX. – The pandemic interrupted the November delivery

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The Athens Stock Exchange put under control the pressures at the end, which with the help of selected securities managed to keep the zone of 860 points, closing the month with losses of 3.37%, but also a jump in turnover as a result of the “side” rebalancing due to MSCI.

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In particular, the General Index closed with losses of 0.42% at 867.71 points, while it moved between 857.87 points (-1.55%) and 866.16 points (-0.59%). The turnover amounted to 155.9 million euros and the volume to 54.4 million units, while 6.9 million units were traded through pre-agreed transactions.

Monthly losses of 3.37% on the ATHEX.  - The pandemic interrupted the November delivery

The index of high capitalization closed with a fall of 0.51%, at 2,077.72 points, while at -0.32% Mid Cap completed the trading at 1,492.56 points. The banking index closed with losses of 1.01% at 554.17 points.

Pandemic, pandemic, pandemic…

From the first signs of the Omicron mutation of Covid-19, the Greek market lost more than 60 points, with November finally proving to be a month when the pandemic returned to the forefront with its toughest face. First with the measures in most European countries and last with the African mutation that can overturn the estimates for the recovery of the economy.

Greece could not be left out of it, with the developments around the “Omicron” strain of the pandemic virus being the new factor that is now in the government discussions at the Maximos Palace, on the road to the festive period of Christmas and New Year . A period for which expectations had been cultivated, with the big question now being whether the economy would remain open.

Technical image

Leaving foreigners behind now, as they closed or are closing books, the Stock Exchange must regain levels above 875 points to change its negative image. Its strong support is at 853 units, the breakdown of which can lead directly to 830 units, also closing 8 months of accumulation within a limit of 100 units. Most likely, the next meetings will continue in the pattern of intense volatility as the nature of the events in the foreground will intensify the nervousness of investors.

As the certified analyst, Petros Steriotis, points out, the trend in the General Index is clearly negative, with the large weekly red “candlestick” incorporating falling opening gaps, high volatility in only one direction (down) and the violation of the straight line. which joins the significant lows of the current year. We point out that technical price oscillators (RSI etc) cease to be reliable in aggressive market phases, such as the current one, says Mr. Steriotis.

On the dashboard

On the board now, PPA closed with losses of 3.34%, with Motor Oil, Coca Cola and Titan following with a drop of more than 2%. Eurobank, Piraeus and Ellactor closed above -1%, while Viohalco, Hellenic Petroleum, Alpha Bank, Mytilineos and OPAP closed slightly lower.

On the other hand, in the auctions, EYDAP, Aegean and GEK Terna closed with gains of more than 2%, with Lambda increasing by 1.08%. Terna Energeiaki, OTE, HELEX, ELHA, Ethniki, Jumbo and PPC closed slightly higher, with IPTO and Saranti closing unchanged.


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