Moraes denies government request for Queiroga’s statement on polio

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The president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Alexandre de Moraes, denied a request from the federal government to broadcast a statement by the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, on increasing vaccination coverage against poliomyelitis, on October 7, 2022.

The Elections Act restricts government advertising during the campaign period. Therefore, during this period, it is necessary for the government to ask the TSE to run advertisements. It is up to the court to review each case.

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In the request, the government states that the measure serves to urge “the population to join the vaccination campaign as well as alerting them to the need for greater commitment from parents and guardians in order to increase vaccination coverage against poliomyelitis”.

According to Moraes, although the theme of the statement is educational and informative regarding the importance of vaccination, it is not necessary for the figure of the Minister of Health to appear in a national chain.

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“In fact, even if the dissemination of data and alerts assumes undeniable importance for adequate awareness and, consequently, an increase in vaccination coverage, it is fully viable for the population to have access to such information by other means, which is why, in the In this case, it is not essential that, in order to achieve the same intended purpose, the holder of the Folder should speak on the national radio and TV network, under penalty of violating the principle of impersonality, in view of the improper personification, during the electoral period, of actions related to public administration”, he said.

In August, Moraes had already vetoed the Health Minister’s pronouncement on the same topic.

According to the minister, on August 9, the then President of the Court, Minister Edson Fachin, authorized the airing of the campaign between August 1 and September 9, allowing the identification of the Ministry of Health in advertising, but vetoed the minister’s statement. of health.

Source: CNN Brasil

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