Morandi bridge collapse, investigations closed: “Ignored the warning signs”

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After three years of investigation – over 200 witnesses, thousands of wiretaps, material seized from computers and mobile phones, almost 2,000 pages of accusations -, the prosecutor of Genoa has closed the investigation on the Morandi bridge. The collapse of the A10 motorway viaduct on 14 August 2018 caused the death of 43 people.

In these hours the finance police is notifying the suspects: 69 individuals and 2 companies, Autostrade per l’Italia and Spea, ie the concessionaire who managed the viaduct and the subsidiary entrusted with the control of the structure.

Two evidentiary incidents were made, one on the state of health of the viaduct and the other on the real causes of the collapse.

Professor Pier Giorgio Malerba, lecturer at the University of Milan, and the engineer Renato Buratti, chosen as consultants by prosecutors Massimo Terrile and Walter Cotugno, in the report drafted they speak of “Unconsciousness”, “inaction”, “neglect”, of “incomplete, equivocal, misleading” communications and of “inadequate maintenance”. “There has been an unconscious delay in the times with respect to the decisions to be taken for safety purposes – it is written in the report -. And this despite the fact that we were aware of the seriousness and the contemporary evolution of the deterioration states of the viaduct ».

The two consultants also report “confusion and overlapping of roles in the chain of responsibilities of the various parties involved, namely Aspi, Spea, supervisory and control authorities, external consultants and technicians “. They write that “no operational decision has been taken regarding structural safety”, since “this decision should have involved important choices, such as the immediate closure of the viaduct to traffic”.

And who could intervene has ignored «the signals encountered upstream of the 1994 intervention and subsequently detected in their progression from that date until the collapse ». Before the collapse of the Morandi bridge there were “numerous warning signs»:« No one has taken decisions for the safety of the stays, the most critical parts of the viaduct ». For fifty years “the cables of the collapsed pile have not been subject to any substantial maintenance”.

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