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More than 170,000 migrants crossed Panama’s Darien jungle in 5 months

Just over 170,000 migrants crossed the inhospitable and dangerous jungle of Darien, Colombia’s natural border with Panama, in the first five months of this year, Panama’s immigration agency announced, a trend that could mean 2024 will set a new record. That number was 2 percent higher than the nearly 167,000 who took that route in the same period last year, according to data from the National Migration Service (SNM), as even more people brave the danger to reach the U.S. in the hope that they will find a better life. Last year saw a record number of crossings through this region: more than half a million people crossed the dense jungle, despite facing a range of dangers along the way: from falling prey to predators to theft, violence, sexual abuse and being merchandise of human traffickers, as the area is ravaged by gangs. The Panamanian authorities asked for international help and tightened the rules […]
Source: News Beast

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