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More than 60 international media are asking Israel for “independent” access to Gaza

More than 60 international media today published an open letter calling on Israeli authorities to allow the press “immediate and independent access” to the besieged Gaza Strip after nine months of a devastating war. The organizations CNN, BBC and even the Agence France-Presse ask “the Israeli authorities to immediately put an end to the restrictions they have imposed on foreign media to enter the Gaza Strip”, as well as to “provide an independent access to the international news organizations, who want to move into the enclave,” the letter states. In nine months of war, “international journalists do not always have access to Gaza, with the exception of rare escorted trips organized by the Israeli army”, note the 64 signatories, among them the Guardian or even the New York Times. These restrictions placed an “impossible and unreasonable burden” on local journalists to cover this war, which they themselves […]
Source: News Beast

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