Morgan and the radical change of look

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A little we had understood that Morgan he would have opted for a change of look, we just didn’t know he would go this far. After sharing a photo on Instagram that portrayed him sitting in an armchair, wrapped in a black and white striped sheet in the act of asking followers if it was for a “hair styling” or a “psychiatric hospital”, Morgan decides to reveal to the public the result of that session, showing her new hair look.

In the shot, which reaches more than ten thousand likes in less than twenty-four hours, Morgan shows up with her hair licked back, the fuchsia tuft and the sides of a dark purple, matching the jacket and the frame in which he chooses to insert the photo.

“What kind of hair did you get?” he writes himself in a comic that he pastes inside the image. “Come on, I enjoy it, it’s the beauty of when you don’t give a shit about any of you” he insists in another cloud, noting the fact that he is no longer interested in what others think and to look beyond.

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The last few months have been turbulent for him: for the “trick” of the modified text at the Sanremo 2020 Festival, Bugo asked him for the beauty of 240 thousand euros in compensation for having damaged his career, not to mention the bickering with Amadeus always on the road of the Festival (this time for not having been selected among the Big ones) and the candidacy, then lapsed, to become the new mayor of Milan.

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