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Morgan Freeman Net Worth and Earnings in 2020 – One of the Richest Hollywood Star

Born in 1937, Freeman is one of the most famous Hollywood actors, directors, and the voice behind countless documentaries. He went to serve in the US air force soon after graduating from high school but switched careers. In 1980, he started auditioning for minor roles in movies and earned a reputation for a “Father Character.” Due to his mature persona and a deep masculine voice, he has been playing more roles of authoritative nature than fun, lighthearted ones. Today, Morgan Freeman in not just a Hollywood beloved veteran actor but also a rich celebrity with millions of net worth to his account!

Among one of his earliest credentials, The Shawshank Redemption earned him great praise and good critique. He even received the Critics Awards for his role in the movie as it stood far apart from any of his peers that year.

Early years as an actor

He started earning at 16, right after he left his high school and enlisted in the US air force. He served there for four years as a 1st class Airman before he left for California and started his studies as an actor at Pasadena Playhouse.

He became a dancer and worked for the 1964 World’s Fair. He went to starring in an Off-Broadway show, The Nigger Lover with Viveca Lindfors in 1967, and made his Broadway debut in 1968 in Hello Dolly with an all-black cast.

Starring in the children’s show The Electric company gave him the recognition that he needed to jumpstart his career and make it big in the world of acting and drama. Though it was later revealed that he never liked being on that show, however, he is grateful for the opportunity to be on it.

Between 1980 and 1982, he made small television appearances and some small roles in Hollywood productions. Freeman then starred in a soap opera, Another World, which went to get him more recognition and praise from the audience.

In 1987, he starred in Street Smart, portraying a street hustler who was quite violent. His acting was praised by critiques all over the world and was called an “Unforgettable villain” by the writer Roger Ebert. His character in Street Smart helped him earn an Academy Award Nomination for the Best Supporting Role.

In 1993, Freeman made his debut as a director with the film Bopah, which was about a Black policeman during the South African era of Apartheid. The film was well-received, and he earned praise as a spectacular director.

1994’s The Shawshank Redemption was one of his most acclaimed films to date. His character as a redeeming but insightful convict made him the star of the film. Though the role was meant for a white Irishman, Freeman portrayed it and made it his own. His performance was called impressive and moving by critics everywhere.

In 1997 he narrated a documentary called The Long Way Home, which won an Academy Award. This documentary was about the liberation of the Jewish refugees after the conclusion of World War 2. By 2005, Freeman finally won an Oscar at the 77th Academy Awards for himself after being nominated three times. He won the award for the Best Supporting Actor for his character in Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby.

Morgan Freeman is a name everyone who is anyone in the world of Hollywood knows. His career of over three decades in the industry has earned him over $280 million and recognition of even more. Even at the age of 83 years old, Freeman continues to work as a narrator and sometimes as an actor. His roles have always been iconic and praiseworthy by the critics and the audiences all over the world, including his home country, the US.

Morgan Freeman’s net worth and how he made it big!

Freeman earned his mammoth worth not only with the movies that he starred in but also with his brand deals. He made much cash with each commercial and brand deals and even founded an entertainment company. With over $280 million of Net worth, Morgan Freeman is one of the richest Hollywood star.

Box office hits

During his career, Morgan gave many box office hits; however, the movies which did most business for him were Bruce Almighty, Batman: The Dark Knight, and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, along with The LEGO movie in 2014. His deep voice has earned him quite a dime over the years as he has narrated several awards winning documentaries. Some of them being: March of the Penguins, Through the Wormhole, and the Evening News. He also has endorsement deals with Visa Debit as a voice-over artist and the US version of the Waze App.

Real estate and business

Morgan Freeman has established his own movie production company, Revelations Entertainment. Other than that, he is associated with the Ground Zero blues club, which is based in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He also owned a Madidi Restaurant in Mississippi as well for some time.

He also owns a 124-acre ranch in Mississippi along with his official residence. Apart from those two residencies, he also has a condo in New York.

Private jets

Freeman owns three private airplanes. He has a Cessna 414, the SJ30, and a Cessna Citation 501. The SJ30 that he owns is named as the fastest and longest range highest-flying light jet all over the world. He purchased this plane in 2007 for $7 million.

Political endeavors and divorce

In 2010, he paid is now Ex-wife Myrna Colley somewhere between $100 million to $200 million as a divorce settlement. It is reported that his wife asked for around $400 million seeing all his real estate and future earning potential.

He also spent $1 million for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012.

Morgan Freeman has worked tirelessly for his career and now owns one of the biggest thrones in the world of Hollywood. With over $280 million worth of assets, he is one of the richest Hollywood actors/directors, and rightly so. He worked for what he believed in with patience for over a decade; in the end, he had the most rewarding life for himself.

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